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Edmonton Huskies reveal new Logo

By Edmonton Huskies, 07/24/23, 6:15AM MDT


Edmonton, July 24, 2023 — The Edmonton Huskies Football Club, part of the capital district community since 1954, proudly announces the unveiling of our brand-new logo. As the organization prepares to celebrate its 70th birthday in 2024, this fourth redesign of the beloved "Dog" marks a significant milestone in the team's illustrious history.

Since its inception, the Edmonton Huskies have been deeply rooted in the heart of the capital district community, fostering a legacy of excellence, passion, and camaraderie. Throughout the years, the team has undergone three distinctive logo designs, each reflecting the spirit of the Huskies and their unwavering commitment to athletic prowess.

In a bold step forward towards the future, the Edmonton Huskies' leadership decided that the upcoming 70th anniversary would be the ideal moment to breathe new life into their iconic emblem. After meticulous efforts and thoughtful collaboration, the team proudly presents a revitalized Huskies’ logo that encapsulates the very essence of the organization.

The design concept was presented to the esteemed Edmonton Huskies Alumni Board, and their unwavering support spoke volumes about the emblem's powerful impact. With unanimous approval from the board members, the new Huskies’ logo now stands as a symbol of unity, tradition and ambition—a testament to the undying spirit that has defined the team for seven remarkable decades.

"Our new logo not only ties into our rich history, but also our relentless pursuit of excellence in the years to come," said Jason Lorrimer, General Manager of the Edmonton Huskies. "As we look back with pride on our achievements, we're excited for what the future holds with this new design that reflects the spirit of our players, coaches, alumni, and fans alike."

The Edmonton Huskies wholeheartedly thank our loyal supporters and dedicated community members for their unwavering encouragement and enthusiasm. As the 2023 season approaches, the team invites everyone to join them on this exciting journey, united by the common thread of passion for football and community spirit.

Be part of history as the Edmonton Huskies embark on a new era of greatness with their striking new logo on August 13 for the Home and Season opener against the Winnipeg Rifles at JP Bowl. For further updates and details about this season, please visit