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2023 Luca Cupelli Scholarship

Coming directly from his playing days with the Huskies and jumped into the much-needed role of Equipment Manager after the Covid delayed season. Over the past three years he has transformed that side of the operations into a smooth-running system. Luca’s attention to detail is and his ability to know what is needed at the exact moment is uncanny. It is rare for someone as young as
Luca to be honored this way. But his commitment to the Huskies, his dedication and mentorship to the players and his support of the Alumni cannot be questioned. Luca is the epitome of who the Huskies first President, Chuck Henderson meant when he said, “we will equip and coach these young men to be good athletes, but also to be outstanding citizens of their community.”
  Recipient: Mikhail Biggs

2023 Jim Dallin Scholarship

Jim is being recognized posthumously by the Edmonton Huskies Alumni Society, of which he was a member since its inception and also served as the Society’s President for two terms. A hard-nosed running back, whose love for the game was only surpassed by his love for his family. Jim, went on to play for the University of Calgary after his Huskie time. Yet it was the Huskies to whom he came back to, as a volunteer and Board Member. Jim was hard-nosed in his passing as well and he never told any of his buddies about his illness. The EHAS is proud to honor the memory of Jim Dallin, as a player, a builder, and a friend.
Recipient: Sam Kolkman

2023 Ken Blasius Scholarship

Ken spent 3 years with the Huskies, before going up “the Hill” to study law at the University of Alberta. However, even while at the U of A, Ken’s heart was always with the Huskies. Ken went on to become one of Canada’s top litigators in his field of corporate and commercial law. An avid athlete you can find him out for a run or on the golf course if he is not at a Huskie home game or event. Ken’s heart colored Huskie black & gold, and he is a great supporter of the Alumni. 

Recipient: Beck Robinson

2023 Clarence Kachman Scholarship

Clarence Kachman: Clarence played on the 1960, 1961 and 1962 Huskie Canadian Championship team. He went on to be a very rare four-sport athlete at the University of Alberta. Kach, Coached 3 years for the Wildcats and had a brief stop with the Eskimos but according to sources, his greatest contributions were as an educator and coach. The Edmonton Huskies Alumni recognize Clarence Kachman’s contributions both on and off the gridiron.
Recipient: Carver Trapp

2023 KENNY MYZIUK Scholarship

Honoring someone who never played with the Huskies might seem a bit strange, but Kenny has all the Huskie qualities we hope every graduate exhibits off the field. A member of the Huskie
family for 28 years he has done anything and everything that has been asked of him. Aside from volunteering at Huskie events, and selling 50/50 tickets at games, Kenny served on the Huskie Board of Directors for 15 years. He may not have played but by every other standard, he is A HUSKIE.
Recipient: Jackson Harnett

2022 Manley Sarnowsky Scholarship

Manley played with the Huskies during the 1962,1963, and 1964 three-in-a-row National Champions as an end/wide receiver. He went on to play professionally with the Edmonton Eskimos. But even more impressive than his football career, is his history of community service. Particularly that service with the Edmonton Huskies. Manley is a key supporter of the Alumni awards/scholarship program. Manley now makes his home in Southern California.

Player recipient Carver Trapp.

2022 Jim & Deb Skitsko Scholarship

Always supporters of the Huskies, more importantly is the impact that the Skitsko’s have had on minor football in the Sherwood Park and Edmonton Area. The Sherwood Park Rams Football Team has thrived thanks to the efforts of volunteer head coach James Skitsko and his wife Deb. In addition to supporting his players on the field, they created an annual cash bursary which, to date, has been awarded to more than 200 deserving alumni pursuing post-secondary education. They were awarded a Governor Generals Medal for their volunteer service.

Player recipient Paul Loggale.

2022 Neil MacLean Scholarship

Coach MacLean’s impact on the players he coached surpassed what he taught them on the football field. However, his impact on the Edmonton Community, specifically that demographic that was less fortunate than you and I is legendary. His work with the Mustard Seed and Santa’s Anonymous is truly the legacy he will leave outside of his love for the kids he coached.

Player recipient Jacob Hegerfeldt.

2022 Daniel (Danny) Zawada scholarship

Danny was an outstanding Defensive Lineman, who had a motor that wouldn’t stop. Danny was a perennial all star with the Huskies and broke the inclusion barrier before inclusion was a ‘thing’. Daniel (Danny) Zawada was a two sport athlete who excelled in both wrestling and football, AND was the first deaf athlete to play in the CJFL. After 4 years with the Huskies Daniel went on to play with the University of Gallaudet Bisons in Washington DC. We recognize Daniel for his Huskie Career and his leadership and commitment to his sport, and proving there are no barriers.

Player recipient Mikhail Biggs.

John Tietzen

John played two years with the Huskies before moving on to the University of Alberta for another two years, and then being drafted by the BC Lions of the CFL. But even more impressive than his football career, is his history of community service. During John’s professional career outside of football, he created a non-profit organization in BC that has awarded over $1.2M dollars to The Sunshine Coast Kids Foundation to help kids achieve their dream. John has also been instrumental in funding the EHAS awards/scholarship program.

Player recipient Jake Strakowicz.